Team uThungulu Surfriding announced

uThungulu Surfriding held their third and final trial contest for the Masters divisions on Sunday 28 June in perfect weather conditions but tiny waves at Alkantstrand.

The surf was even smaller than the previous two trials if that can be believed and many competitors found it difficult to find the right waves to impress the judges. The surfing on display was excellent despite the small waves as a number of riders were fighting for their place in the uThungulu team for this years Citroën SA Surfing Champs being held right here in Richards Bay.

The most competitive heats were in the O/50 Men and O/35 Men where equal final points meant that sudden death surf-offs had to take place to decide the final team. In the O/50 Men Fred le Roux took the win in the heat resulting in all three surfers ending up on the same points with each of them obtaining a first and a second place in the three trials. In the surf off heat it was Robin Lavery and Daryl Adamson who took first and second knocking Fred out of the Division but it is not over at all for the top waterman and defending SA Champ. Fred has made the team in the division below and with his form and fitness will be a force to be reckoned with at his home break in August.

In the O/35 Men the battle was on for the final place in the team with York Lawrence and Scott Rutherfoord ending in equal place. In their surf-off it was York who took the win and the coveted place in the team.

Well done to all the surfers who made the team. Once again thank you to Fred, Judy, Anton and all those that helped with judging on the day as well as Nobby Clarke for taking some great pics. The team as announced below will be training hard for SA Champs which start in a months time with the opening ceremony on 2 August. 

uThungulu Surfrding Team 2015

u/20 Boys

  • Liam de Villiers
  • Wazir Surajlall
  • Liam Carlson
  • Rais Hiraman

u/20 Girls

  • Jade Story
  • Carmen de Villiers
  • Reserve : Michaela Smith

Open Men

  • Matt Pallet
  • Travis Zondwayo
  • Liam De Villiers
  • Anton Knoetze
  • Reserves: Andrew Rowling and Fred le Roux

Open Women

  • Monique Gresse
  • Tamarys de Maroussem

O35 Men

  • Sean van Oettingen
  • Andrew Rowling
  • Allan Johns
  • York Lawrence
  • Reserve: Scott Rutherfoord

O40 Men

  • Mike Frew
  • Vince King
  • Clint Dreyer
  • Dave Peterson
  • Reserves: Anton Knoetze and York Lawrence

O45 Men

  • Kenneth Hodgson
  • Fred le Roux
  • Reserve: Kobus Germishuis

O50 Men

  • Daryl Adamson
  • Robin Lavery
  • Reserve: Fred le roux

O55 Men

  • Bushy Greeff
  • Calla Esterhuysen

O60 Men

  • Ray Harris

Grand Master Women

  • Tamarys de Maroussem