Surfing celebration at Zinkwazi

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uThungulu Surfriding held their first trial of 2016 in good condtions and fine weather at Zinkwazi on Sunday. (Photos by May Knoetze)

Contestants were greeted with smooth, glassy waves in the 2/3 foot range on a high tide that made it a bit tricky to find a good wall to work with. Waves that looked like they were going to run faded and ones that looked like nothing stood up tall for riders to crank some powerful turns. There was also a bit of a current running down the beach and contestants had to keep paddling up the point to stay in position.

Heat winners Daniel Barry, Vince King, Sean von Oettingen and Dave Petersen had the surf wired, catching the runners and put on a good display of power turns.

There was a memorial on the beach and surfer’s paddle for Gerhard Engelbrecht who lost his life in a motorbike accident in Bali. Gerhard grew up surfing and competing in Richards Bay and Zinkwazi Beach was one of his favourite local spots.

The next trial will take place in Zinkwazi again on 13 March. See for more information on the trials and for photo gallery from Trial 1.

U/17 Boys

  1. C Dreyer
  2. L de Villiers (Inj)

U/20 Men

  1. Daniel Barry
  2. Callum Carlson
  3. Wazir Surajlall
  4. Liam de Villiers (Inj)

Open Men

  1. Vince King
  2. Allan Johns
  3. Vaughn Weyer
  4. Dave Petersen
  5. Mike Frew

O/30 Men

  1. Micus Greeff

O/35 Men

  1. Sean von Oettingen
  2. Allan Johns
  3. Dave Petersen
  4. Mike Frew
  5. Vince King

O/40 Men

  1. Dave Petersen
  2. Mike Frew
  3. Vince King
  4. Anton Knoetze
  5. John Cawood

O/50 Men

  1. Robin Lavery
  2. Fred le Roux

O/55 Men

  1. Bushy Greeff


  1. Monique Botha

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