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Clayton Nienaber will be returning to South African Shores in November to conduct a Surfing Presentation as part of a tour of our beautiful country.


We will be touring South Africa doing a surfing presentation and need to get an indication as to the numbers of the interested parties so venues can be booked to facilitate everyone. The program can cater from 10 -200 people and is 2hours long. 

I'm happy to announce that I'll be coming back to visit my home country in November and really hope to be able to connect with you/ your group along the way! Over the past few years here in Australia, my focus has been in learning and improving everything I've been doing in terms of surfing, and sharing this knowledge. With the world's best surfers practicing and trying out new things on my door step, with some of the best waves in the world, on some of the latest and most innovative equipment, I've been able to observe, experiment and apply this in developing a method that I believe can assist anyone, from all capacities, to immediately improve their surfing and rekindle their stoke in reaching a new level in their surfing. I'm eager to share this knowledge and make it accessible to all as a tool to enhance and compliment the range of different methods already out there.

The feedback I have had from those around me on the Gold Coast has been mostly of amazement that there is always more to be learned, dissected, understood and enhanced. The collaborations I have had with surfers or all ages, experience and abilities, as well with people involved in every aspect of the surf industry - from personal trainers to board manufactures, has encouraged me to reach out and offer this to you /your group during my upcoming visit to SA. We will be doing a road trip from Cape Town to Durban and need to plan venues. Please let me know if you would like to schedule in a presentation.

Clayton Nienaber

The presentation will cost R150 p/p and you will be required to RSVP to book a your seat.

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