Cape Town Surfriders take Mandela Bay Trophy for the 6th straight year


Cape Town Surfriders win the Mandela Bay Trophy for the sixth straight year at the 25th edition of the South African Grommet Games in Port Elizabeth

Cape Town Surfriders win the Mandela Bay Trophy for the sixth straight year at the 25th edition of the South African Grommet Games in Port Elizabeth

Tuesday March 21st – The Cape Town Surfriders Grommet Team made it six wins in a row when they took overall honours at the 2017 Billabong SA Grommet Games presented by Sea Harvest and supported by Sport and Recreation South Africa.

The four day long event was completed in perfect weather and choppy 2 foot surf at Pipe Beach in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

The strong, well balanced Cape Town Grommet team posted 36414 points to beat their traditional rivals eThekweni, whose 30760 points secured them second place.The coveted Mandela Bay Trophy, which goes to the team that posts the highest points after the four days of competition both in and out of the water,was awarded to the Cape Town Surfriders team.

Hosts Nelson Mandela Bay came third with 30405 points and Cape Winelands produced another determined performance to finish fourth on 24645 points.

Eden Surfriders produced their best ever result in the twenty five year history of the Grommet Games and came fifth with 20483 points while newcomers iLembe Surfriders will be happy with their 19724 points that gave them sixth place. In recognition of their determination to select and send a team to this year’s event, iLembe were presented with the Sportsmanship Award.

Buffalo City scored 18275 to retain their sixth place and the team from Ugu Surfriders posted 14428 to finish eighth.

Cape Town Surfriders successfully defended their 2016 Sea Harvest Aloha Cup title beating Nelson Mandela Bay into second place for the second year in a row.Cape Winelands were third and Buffalo City took fourth place.

Surfers from the Cape Town Surfriders team dominated the final surfing results producing ten finalists across the eight divisions to win the Surfing Trophy.

The Cape Town Surfriders Grommet Team’s continued dominance at this unique 25 year old event is a credit to the commitment shown by Team Management Barbara Johnson and Robert Scott and the preparation of the team by Head Coach, Craig Johnson and his assistant, Dillon Fernandez.

Over 120 girls and boys ranging from Under8 to Under16 represented eight Districts at this annual event which is Surfing South Africa's premier entry level inter-provincial tournament. Sponsorship from Billabong and Sea Harvest, and generous support funding from Sport and Recreation South Africa and the NLC along with friendly hosting by Nelson Mandela Bay Surfriders ensured that the 25th edition of the annual South Africa Grommet Surfing Games was a success once again.

Once again the event was coordinated with great skill by Event Director Shirley Fairall and her team from Nelson Mandela Surfriders while Contest Director Brian Abrahams, Head Judge Issi Abrahams and his officials did a great job over the four days of competition.

Surfing South Africa Vice President Johnny Bakker was guest of honour at the opening function and on hand over the four days to lend his support and expertise. 

Although the Grommet Games is made up of Surfing, Flags and Paddle Battle events, the Surfing takes the main focus over the four days. There are eight individual surfing categories, the youngest winners was Adam Faclier of Cape Town Surfriders who won the Under 8 Division. The Under 10 Champion was Matt Canning of eThekweni Surfriders and the Under 12 Girls and Boys Champions were Scarlette Van Jaarsveldt of Cape Town Surfriders and River Gericke of Eden Surfriders respectively.

The Under 14 Girls gold medal was won by Leila Steytler of Cape Town and Liam Gerber of Cape Winelands won the Under 14 Boys title while honours in the Under 16 Girls and Boys Divisions went to Rentia Tromp of Cape Winelands and Ntando Nqadala of Cape Town respectively. Ntando Nqadala was named the Sea Harvest Supersurfer.

The iLembe Surfriders Team was awarded the Sportsmanship Trophy and Cape Town based Keanu Atkins was presented with the Judge of the Contest Award.

Paddle battle honours went the way of Sarah Scott (CTS) and Matt Coetzer (ETK) while Kadence Ribbink (ETK) and Shana Zunckel (NMB) won the junior and senior girls Flags and Connor Slijpen (CTS) and Boetie Komoeto (NMB) won the junior and senior boys Flags.

Surfing South Africa also recognised twenty of the outstanding performances by surfers at the event to and inducted them into the inaugural Sea Harvest Grommet Games Stars, Each of the recipients received a trophy in the form of a star. The names of the inductees are Adam Faclier (CTS), Owethu Tabata (EDEN),Matt Canning (ETK), Josh Malherbe (BC),River Gericke (EDEN),Ben Ribbink (ETK),Liam Gerber (CW),Joshua Myburgh (CTS),Ntando Nqadala (CTS), Simakele Rooi (CW), Scarlette van Jaarsveldt (CW),Maya Figl (CW),Leila Steytler (CTS)Kaylee Shaw Nell (NMB), Rentia Tromp (CW) and Stella Emerson(CTS)

The full surfing and Sea Harvest Aloha Cup results and a gallery of photos are posted on

The SA Grommet Games is a national tournament with a primary focus on transformation and development within the sport. Strict targets are set when selecting teams for the four days of competition. While the main focus of the event is on surfing, participation in events such as a Paddle Battle, Beach Flags and a Tag Team contest are an integral part of the Grommet Games activities.





1st                ADAM FACLIER                                    CTS                            

2nd               JOSHUA TALBOT                                  BC                      

3rd                OWETHU TABATA                                EDEN                           

4th                KNOX RUTHERFORD                           ILM



1st                MATT CANNING                                   ETK

2nd               JOSH MALHERBE                                 BC                                                        

3rd               CLAYTON ROBERTSE                           UGU

4th                CHRISTIAN MYBURGH                         CTS                            


U12 Girls      

1st                SCARLETTE VAN JAARSVELDT           CTS                                                         

2nd               MAYA FIGL                                           CW                                    

3rd                SARAH SCOTT                                     CTS                         

4th                ZIA HENDRICKS                                   NMB


U12 Boys     

1st                RIVER GERICKE                                   EDEN                                                    

2nd               BEN RIBBINK                                        ETK                                                       

3rd                CONNOR SLIJPEN                               CTS                        

4th                JOEL DACE                                          NMB                            


U14 Girls      

1st                LEILA STEYTLER                                  CTS                                               

2nd               KAYLEE SHAW – NELL                         NMB                        

3rd                EMMA DAVEY                                      NMB                                                           

4th                CHE DU PLESSIS                                 CW                                                   


U14 Boys     

1st                LIAM GERBER                                      CW

2nd               JOSHUA MYBURGH                              CTS                                                         

3rd                MATT COETZER                                   ETK

4th                MATT WILSON                                     BC                                     


U16 Girls      

1st                RENTIA TROMP                                   CW

2nd               STELLA EMERSON                               CTS                                            

3rd                CHELSEA KLOTZ                                 NMB                                                       

4th                SHANA ZUNCKEL                                 NMB                             


U16 Boys     

1st                NTANDO NQADALA                              CTS

2nd               SIMAKELE ROOI                                   CW

3rd                ISAAC VAN ZYL                                    CTS

4th                DANNY MAY                                         ETK




1st                CAPE TOWN                                        36414

2nd                ETHEKWENI                                        30760

3rd                NELSON MANDELA BAY                      30405                                              

4th                CAPE WINELANDS                               24645                                           

5th                EDEN                                                   20483

6th                ILEMBE                                                19724

7th                BUFFALO CITY                                     18275

8th                UGU                                                     14428



1st                Cape Town               

2nd                Nelson Mandela Bay

3rd                Cape Winelands

4th                Buffalo City                    


Cape Town Surfriders



Ntando Nqadala (Cape Town Surfriders)


Keanu Atkins




U12 Girls

1st      Kadence Ribbink                                    ETK

2nd     Scarlette van Jaarsveldt                         CTS

3rd     Chloe Ribbink                                         ETK

4th     Zoey Thompson                                     UGU

U16 Girls                  

1st      Shana Zunckel                                      NMB

2nd      Kaylee Shaw – Nell                               NMB

3rd      Hailey Raven                                         CW

4th      Sindi Semelane                                     ILM

U12 Boys

1st      Connor Slijpen                                       CTS

2nd      Ben Ribbink                                          ETK

3rd      Ryley Smith                                           CTS

4th      Evan Spittal                                           UGU

U16 Boys                             

1st      Boetie Kamoeto                                     NMB

2nd     Simakele Rooi                                        CW

3rd      Isaac Van Zyl                                        CTS

4th      Sanele Mhlongo                                     ILM



1st      Sarah Scott                                           CTS

2nd     Chloe Ribbink                                        ETK

3rd      Leila Steytler                                         CTS

4th      Kaylee Shaw – Nell                                NMB


1st      Matt Coetzer                                         ETK

2nd      Ben Ribbink                                          ETK

3rd      Samuel Loppknow                                 NMB

4th      Danny May                                            ETK

The 2017 South African Grommet Games was presented and run by Surfing South Africa and hosted by Nelson Mandela Bay Surfriders. Surfing South Africa (SSA) is the recognised governing body for the sport of surfing in South Africa. SSA is a member of the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA).


Left: Cape Town Surfriders – Winners of the Mandela Bay Trophy for the sixth year in a row. Right: Ntando Nqadala – U16 Boys Champ & Sea Harvest SuperSurfer
Photos by Petronel Posthumous


NTANDO NQADALA – Sea Harvest SuperSurfer- Photo Petronel Posthumus 

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